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As of December 2017, “Patriot Defence” has provided Combat Lifesaver training to 28,845 soldiers and 5,094 cadetsMore than 21,500 individual first aid kits (IFAKs) have been distributed. The Long Range Patrol Medic program has provided training to a further 400 soldiers with a distribution of some 214 tactical medical backpacks. In the Ukrainian Trauma Life Support program some 139 military and 272 civilian doctors have been trained in accordance with international medicine standards.


In the spring of 2014, when Russia annexed Crimean and invaded Eastern Ukraine, it was soon very clear that the Ukrainian army was not ready for war.


There was insufficient medical support overall and even more importantly a lack of knowledge, about medical aid on the battlefield. Medical kits were non-existent or they consisted of old bandages and soviet rubber tourniquets. There was no medical training. To survive, soldiers relied only on faith.

Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS)

In order to combat these problems, in May 2014, the Ukrainian World Congress started a humanitarian initiative called “Patriot Defence”.


The organization decided to provide training for Ukrainian soldiers in Combat Lifesaver (CLS) and to supply each solider trained with an individual first aid kits (IFAK).


The instructors of "Patriot Defence" were certified according to international medical standards in order to carry out professional training in evidence based medicine and is directed and developed by international protocols of TCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care).


Thus, Ukrainian soldiers started to receive training equivalent to that provided to soldiers in USA, Canada, Great Britain and other NATO member-states.


As of December 2017, 28,845 soldiers and 5,094 cadets have completed the Combat Lifesaver (CLS) course. Thanks to the support of Ukrainians around the world, they also received over 21 thousand individual first aid kits IFAK.

Ukrainian Long Range Patrol Medic

On October 2014 "Patriot Defence" along with former military personnel from Great Britain develop the course "Ukrainian Long Range Patrol Medic" for units of special forces who work in the Ukrainian Military and state services.

The goal of the course is to prepare one patrol medic per each special unit in order to provide qualitative and timely preparation in case of emergency. The training takes place with groups of no more than 6 individuals per each instructor under the guidance of the medical director of the organization, Dr. Oleksandr Linchevskyy or the British Military Paramedic with over 20 years’ experience Alex Bongartz.

After completing the course, the medics received medical backpacks for special forces which contain equipment necessary in order to save lives in extreme situations.

The course «Ukrainian Long Range Patrol Medic» has been completed by 400 soldiers and 214 medical backpacks have been distributed.

Collaboration with ATO Veterans

"Patriot Defence" was the first center to include Ukrainian war veterans during the Ukrainian Long Range Patrol medic course. These are soldiers who were wounded in battle operations in Eastern Ukraine.

Veterans play the role of the injured during the simulations in the training of military doctors and medics of the special forces. They are willing and able to enhance the combat readiness of Ukraine. The knowledge rained with their help is invaluable in combat. Together with real life situations course participants can assimilate new skills and be better prepared for what can happen on the battle field.

Ukrainian Trauma Life Support

"Patriot Defence" has assembled a team of qualified Ukrainian and western instructors who in 2015 started a new course to increase the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian doctors and raise their qualifications to international standards.

The Ukrainian Trauma Life Support program is designed to raise the medical support system in Ukraine to the highest world standards. The instructors of the courses are professionals who studied and worked in the west, some of which are former military professionals from the USA, Great Britain & Canada who served in some of the most critical hot spots of the world.

To date, the Ukrainian Trauma Life Support has trained 139 military and 272 civilian doctors according to international standards and protocols.

Training of the civilians

In 2015 "Patriot Defence" also started to train the new patrol police in Ukraine which is already working in numerous cities.

In 2016 "Patriot Defence" launched "First Responder" course for organisations that provide emergency medical care for the government, corporations, police, fire brigades, penitentiaries and private security firms.

In addition, 587 students in Kyiv and 133 Plastuny (Plast - Ukrainian Scouting Organization) completed first aid courses with "Patriot Defence". Along with these trainings, the organization provides other courses that focus on the value of each individual life.

Conferences on tactical medicine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn much needed attention to the state of military medicine. In order to introduce changes to this system, "Patriot Defence" has organized international conferences on tactical medicine in Ukraine with the participation of international experts in tactical medicine, representatives of NATO member states, and all ministries and agencies dealing with security as well as their respective training institutions in Ukraine.

The first conference took place in January 2015, whereas the second was in March 2016. The conference consisted of theoretical panels, particular sections and practical training with Ukrainian and international experts. The goal was to develop and standardize tactical medicine, bringing it up to international standards in Ukraine.

Collaboration with Various Institutes

The activities of our organisation are carried out in conjunction with different institutions and civil society organisations in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

"Patriot Defence" has signed memorandums of cooperation with all security ministries and bodies, in particular the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Guard, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Highly Mobile Amphibious Landing Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A number of "Patriot Defence" projects have been realized thanks to the support of the Canadian and Australian Embassies in Ukraine as well as the support of the Canadian government.

“Patriot Defence” Team

Today "Patriot Defence" is a team of instructors and coordinators headed by the acting Director, Marko Suprun and medical director Dr. Oleksandr Garashchuk. The mission is to systematically develop tactical medicine and emergency medical care in Ukraine by offering training in new methods, perfecting skills and improving medical bases which when taken together will create a qualitative new Ukrainian medical system.

"Patriot Defence" continues to set new goals and introduce new methods according to international medical standards. With small steps together with the support of the whole world, we are moving forward to victory and for a better future for Ukraine.