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Very little is known about Russia’s war against Ukraine in the rest of the world. Social media has often raised awareness about the situation in Ukraine, but more remains to be done. And that’s where can help. At the same time, you can help Patriot Defence.

When you send an email, you tell the world who you work for or what email service you use. It’s now possible to make a statement with your email communication. And it’s simple.

Statement Email has developed a new technology that allows individuals to contribute to a range of crowdfunding campaigns, donors keep using their existing email system but at the same time have the option to use a secondary Email address showing that they’ve donated to and care about a cause. For $10 you can raise awareness about Ukraine as you use your email and also make a contribution to Patriot Defence.

For every registration at Statement Email will give 75% of the $10 registration fee to Patriot Defence, in turn Patriot Defence will use those funds to help Ukrainian heroes who have served their country.

Support Ukraine? Want to DEMONSTRATE that you support Ukraine? Go to today.

Patriot Defence is a Ukrainian NGO that began as a humanitarian initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress to provide Ukrainian soldiers with Combat Lifesaver Training (CLS) and an Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) in response to Russia’s invasion and occupation of Donetsk and Luhansk. The goal was to train 10,000 soldiers in CLS and distribute 10,000 IFAKs. As of September 2016, Patriot Defence has trained over 30,000 soldiers and distributed over 20,000 IFAKs.

Our mission has been to provide quality training in tactical medicine to increase a soldier’s chance of surviving battlefield trauma.  We expanded our training to include training Long Range Patrol Medics and military doctors in trauma life support protocols. Your support has given thousands of people a chance at survival. Now, Patriot Defence is helping soldier’s who’ve returned from the war and are living with traumatic stress, the kind of battlefield scars that can’t be bandaged.

To fulfil this mission, Patriot Defence founded a Humanitarian Fund (the Patriot Defence Humanitarian Fund, a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt fund in the USA). Donations from around the world have enabled the work of qualified and certified instructors and brought about meaningful change, that lives matter.

Yet, ceasefire agreements are routinely broken by the Russian occupation army. Still reeling from the effects of years of corruption the Ukrainian government hasn’t the capacity to meet these new challenges. Civil Society and NGOs continue to supplant those efforts at building a new Ukraine. Despite these advances, soldiers returning from the front are often left to deal with the trauma of war on their own.  And the civilian response to trauma desperately needs new training in life-saving protocols.  Training saves lives.