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International Conference on
“The Development, Standardization and Implementation of Tactical Medicine in Ukraine”

19-21 January 2015 Kyiv, Ukraine 

The First International Conference on “The Development, Standardization and Implementation of Tactical Medicine in Ukraine” (hereinafter referred to as the Conference), organized by the Ukrainian World Congress humanitarian initiative “Patriot Defence”, was held in Kyiv, Ukraine on Jan. 19-21, 2015. 

Over 450 participants from different countries attended the conference. Participants included the heads of the medical departments of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Administration of State Guard of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service and other security structures, members of volunteer battalions and volunteer organizations, representatives of military universities, military attaches of NATO member-states, and tactical medicine experts from the USA and other countries. An exhibition of foreign and domestic goods related to tactical medicine also took place in conjunction with the Conference.

The Conference program included thematic panels and sections, during which the participants discussed international experience in the field of tactical medicine and the mechanisms of its implementation in Ukraine. Other themes included the evaluation of the current state of tactical medicine in Ukraine, and critical issues in the development of this extremely important sector.

Conference participants commented on the well-rounded mix of participants at the meeting, its high level of organization and technical expertise, as well as the comfortable atmosphere of the discussions.

Given the vital importance of the issues raised at the Conference for Ukrainian society today, the Conference participants concluded that the further development of tactical medicine is essential to Ukraine’s national security.

The following recommendations were outlined by the Conference participants at the conclusion of the conference:

  1. The process of the development, implementation and standardization of tactical medicine in Ukraine should be based upon current NATO standards, specifically relying on TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) which was developed using evidence-based medicine, and should be considered a matter of national security.

  2. TacticalmedicinecoursesbasedonTCCCstandardsshouldbetaughttoallUkrainian military and security service personnel (hereinafter service personnel), including military doctors, enhancing the professional level of the Ukrainian military.

  1. Tactical medicine courses should be standardized for all service personnel and taught at a highly professional level with the appropriate training equipment and materials.

  2. The current laws regulating the contents of the First Aid Kit (hereinafter referred to as the Kit) for service personnel should be changed to allow for the contents of the Kit to be based on TCCC standards.

  3. Legislation should be adopted for the development of a system to provide service personnel in Ukraine with the Kits according to their needs and based on TCCC standards, and specific individuals should be designated as being responsible for implementing the law.

  4. Coordination among the different security services regarding tactical medicine training needs to improve, as does the coordination of providing medical assistance to injured service personnel in conflict zones, specifically in the Anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine (hereinafter the ATO), during all phases of care: pre-hospital, evacuation, in-hospital, and rehabilitation.

  5. The next conference on the implementation of tactical medicine in Ukraine should be held on a national level within the first half of 2015.

To enact the above recommendations, the conference participants advise the following plan of action be implemented immediately:

- to create an effective coordinating center that will include representatives of all government institutions and NGOs participating in providing medical care in the ATO to ensure coordination in providing medical support for service personnel in the ATO, including organizing the implementation of a tactical medicine system;

- to designate an individual in the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine responsible for the process of implementation and standardization of tactical medicine in Ukraine, and immediately begin the process with the aid of national and international experts in this area;

- to organize and conduct training in tactical medicine based on TCCC standards for all service personnel mobilized in 2014 and 2015;

- to provide all mobilized service personnel with NATO standard individual first aid kits (hereinafter IFAK) and the IFAKs that were already given to service personnel should be passed along to those service personnel currently deploying into the ATO;

- to submit proposals to the relevant government institutions in Ukraine on abolishing regulations requiring recertification of medical equipment already certified by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

The Resolutions were approved on January 21, 2015 at the final session of the Conference at the International Convention Center “Ukrainian House”, city of Kyiv, Ukraine.