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Basic Life Support Course for Ukrainian diplomats


The room, where talks and formal meetings are usually held, for two days turned into a small training center, where employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine learned how to provide Basic Life Support.

Patriot Defence instructors taught what should and shouldn’t be done while providing first aid. This is the first training of such type in the Ministry.

Instead of the usual camouflage and casual clothes, cadets performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation dressed in suits and ties.

Critical situations happen not only during war. Accidents can happen in our daily lives and cannot be avoidable. Each year around 5000 people die in the road accidents in Ukraine.

An emergency can happen at any time or at any place - in office, in public transport, on the streets etc. so responder should be able to provide first aid before the arrival of paramedics.

Personal safety is extremely important during first aid. If you decide to provide first aid do not put yourself at risk.

“If you see someone who has collapsed, you just run to him or her, forgetting about your own safety. This way you put yourself at risk,” - says the Patriot Defence instructor Kateryna Soldatova during the training course.

Her colleague Konstantyn Koroliov adds: “When a car is burning, everyone wants to save the driver. If you save the driver, you are the hero. What if the car blows up with both of you? We still live by the Soviet principle of ‘die yourself, but save your friend.’ Sometimes even ambulance paramedics become victims themselves rushing into the scene. For example, six months ago in Kyiv ambulance paramedic was injured by a drunk patient”.

There are certain protocols according to which we must act both in tactical medicine and in public health care. In Basic Life Support ABC algorithm is vital for life (airway, breathing, and circulation).

Blocked airways, chest wound and circulation problems are typically the cause of patient death. If there are no such symptoms or if it was possible to stabilize a patient on a certain stage, there are good chances for the casualty to get to the hospital alive. During the training course, participants gained knowledge about important issues and acquired practical skills.