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First aid training course for the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership

Schedule for students of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership is extremely busy: regular lectures, meetings, classes and volunteering. The Ukrainian Academy of Leadership is a 10-month educational institution for 17-18 year old graduates from school. Students were selected among high school graduates from all regions of Ukraine for over several months. 39 best students were selected to be enrolled into the Academy.

‘Yesterday, when I walked into the room, I saw something on two chairs covered with a blanket’ - the instructor from Patriot Defence Pavlo Ivko shares his impressions of his first meeting with the students of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. ‘I pulled off a corner of the blanket and saw a girl’s face. I asked why she was not sleeping and she answered – ‘I went to bed at 2, got up at 6. We read a lot.’

On December 23-24, 2015 at the Academy in Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kyiv instructors from Patriot Defence taught the basic principles of first aid.

Participants of the course learned basic skills of how to control emergency/critical bleeding, open the airway and check breathing, ensure blood circulation, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, what to do in case of burns, hypothermia or cervical spine trauma.

We received more questions during this training course than for the whole year. It is extremely important that the Academy students want to get more knowledge and skills.

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As always, at the end of the training instructors wished that the students did not have to apply acquired skills, but if there should be a need to provide first aid they would know exactly what to do.

‘When we are to help in real life, we always want to work with a person who understands the situation and you can say: I will do CA, you do BC. And a person understands you and helps you, - said the course instructor from Patriot Defence Leonid Fedorovskyi.

2 students volunteered to help Patriot Defence during the final simulation course Special Forces Medic after graduating from the Academy.