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How Lviv Police Train to Give First Fid During Combat Situations

According to the public relations department of the Headquarters of the National Police Force in the Lviv Region police bomb-squad experts have completed the Combat Lifesaver course that provides pre-hospital skills.

Thirty-three specialists from the Explosive Expert Division of the National Police Force of Ukraine undertook the course on premedical preparatory skills – a component of the Combat Lifesaver course, organised by instructors from Patriot Defence.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Andriy Shtanhret, the deputy director of the division of explosive experts at the National Police Force  Headquarters in the Lviv Region, “The course the police from the western regions of Ukraine included – emergency first aid to the injured on the battlefield.  The soldier should be able to stem the loss of blood, enable breathing, but primarily he should be able to transport the wounded alive to the closest medical station, where he will receive appropriate medical assistance.  These skills are included as part of the normal work routine by police in USA, Canada, Great Britain.”

The training course, covers a two-day period, is divided into two sections, ie, theoretical and practical components.  At the completion of the course each police officer completes an exam.  The instructors set the tasks, provide the minimal set of medical equipment, and the trainees are required to accurately assess a situation, make a decision and apply the remedy based on their newly acquired knowledge and skills. All the police officers successfully passed.

“Our officers understand the skills required to provide first aid, however the work under combat conditions, when all you have is basic medical equipment and you are required to ensure that you transport the injured person alive where, for example, he has lost an arm or a leg, or has a punctured lung -  it is imperative to understand the consequences of your actions, coordinate your efforts and minimise the possibility of exacerbating the injury,” noted LTC Andriy Shtanhret.

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