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Medicine in Odesa Will Soon be Closer to World Standards

On July 19-24th, the non-for- profit organization “Patriot Defence” will hold UTLS training for doctors in Odesa, which is based on international standards of medicine.

In July 2016 the non-for- profit organization “Patriot Defence” along with the Dutch organization “Redder af Verden” and the Odesa Regional State Administration is launching an experimental program on changes in the emergency medical care system of the Odesa Region. Gradually the training will also be held in other regions of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian system of healthcare and defence is demanding a continuous upgrade, and employees in the medical field must continuously advance their skills and their self-improvement. The education must be in correlation with better world standards, which will bring Ukraine’s medical system closer to international standards.

The experimental training program will begin with the course “Ukrainian Trauma Life Support,” for doctors from the Odesa City Hospital №1, and the Odesa Regional Hospital.

The doctors will receive training from July 19th to the 24th. The course will be made up of seminars, practical stations and real time simulations.

Amongst the instructors of the course, there will be qualified Ukrainian doctors, as well as their colleagues from abroad. Some of the instructors were former soldiers from the US and Britain, who had served in military hotspots, and now through “Patriot Defence” share their knowledge with Ukrainian doctors.

The final part of the course will be the simulation of real events, during which the doctors provide help to mock injuries (volunteers play the role of injured after being “wounded” by professional make-up artists).

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Patriot Defence started the program, “Ukrainian Trauma Life Support” in the fall of 2015. To date, the course has taught 97 military and 82 civilian doctors.