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Border guard service implements tactical medicine courses for students


Прикордонники запроваджують курс тактичної медицини для своїх курсантів
Photo: Hlib Bityukov

May 16-19, 2016 Patriot Defence instructors completed a Combat Lifesaver Instructor course for the Ukrainian Border Guard’s National Academy.

The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National Border Guard Academy is one of the first higher military educational institutions to implement tactical medical training in its student curriculum. Part of the university’s facilities has been allocated to prepare instructors how to teach the Combat Lifesaver course and they turned to Patriot Defence to provide the instructor training.

Patriot Defence instructors have accumulated over two years of experience training military institutions in emergency first aid (almost thirty thousand soldiers of various branches have gone through CLS). However, at the same time part of the Patriot Defence mission is to train qualified instructors to train of these services to be able to continue training their own soldiers on a regular basis. 

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An intensive four day course includes both a theoretical portion and a series of practical exercises. Additionally, future instructors go through the entire course as would their prospective students.

The foundation of the course is built around the main principles of adult education - developing teaching skills around practical exercises. Course participants are given a problem and are allowed to develop an independent solution based upon their own decision making process, generate their own ideas and implementing them in practice thereby developing and honing the skills needed to be an instructor.

Patriot Defence instructors become mentors for the group leaders with whom they work. They pass along their experience of what works and the subtleties of why something doesn’t as instructors, the differences not always at first glance, obvious.