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Tactical Medicine in Ukraine. Second international Conference

March 24-25, Kyiv – The NGO “Patriot Defence” and the Ukrainian World Congress, with the participation of the National Academy and the Military-Medical Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, organized the Second International Conference on Tactical Medicine in Ukraine.

The conference was attended by over 150 representatives of law enforcement and Ukrainian security structures, as well as by international experts of tactical medicine.

In particular, the main speaker of the conference was J. F. Rick Hammersfahr, M.D. Medical Director of Tactical Medical Consulting, LLC, Orthopedic Surgeon, Member of the Board of Advisers of the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Dr. Hammersfahr is one of the founding members of tactical medicine and is an expert of the implementation and standardization of TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care).

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Russia’s war against Ukraine has drawn attention to the state of tactical medicine in Ukraine. Now more than ever changes are inevitable in this area; it is necessary to introduce new educational programs and combat-training programs based on reliable, provable medicine, to establish internationally recognized standards, and also new models of teaching based on standardized courses with educated, certified instructors.

Civilian and Military medics in Ukraine, the US and other NATO countries shared their experiences when it came to the implementation of world-class standards of training in tactical medicine, evidence-based medicine in NATO member countries and the role of gathering and analyzing data in Ukraine.

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The addition of new programs in tactical medicine in higher military educational institutions in Ukraine, as well as basic programs for military personnel became the theme of discussions during panels. Instructors and leaders of military and police academies and institutes joined in the discussion.

The closing panel became the panel related to on-scene first aid in the civilian sector, in which the speakers were from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, as well as paramedics, firefighters and police from Germany.

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Conference resolutions will be released as soon as possible.