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Ukrainian doctors go through world class training


From April 8-13, 2016 Ukrainian doctors in Kyiv will complete training according to international standards.

This program is made possible by the Ukrainian National Women's League of America.

The war in Ukraine and a series of terroristic acts in Europe has focused the nation's attention on the state of the current medical system. Ukraine needs to change it's system of medical care by following better standards. A gradual and professional education, using evidence-based medicine, should be at the core of these changes.

On April 8-13, 2016 the "Ukrainian Trauma Life Support" course will take place at the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №17, which is based one of the few centres with the most up to date methods to care for trauma. The course participants are doctors from Kyiv and Cherkasy.

The NGO Patriot Defence is implementing a training program for Ukrainian physicians with the goal of improving their skills and qualifications for their work with trauma. An intense five-day program is composed of seminars, practical skills stations and real-time simulations.

On the 13th doctors will take a test during the final simulation under the watchful eye of their mentors, who have been teaching them throughout the duration of the course.

The instructors include Ukrainian doctors, as well as their foreign colleagues. Some of the instructors are American and British ex-soldiers that served in conflict zones, and have becomePatriot Defence instrucotrs, sharing their knowledge and experiences in Ukraine.

Support for the course is provided by  the Ukrainian National Women's League of America, an organization founded in 1925 in the United States and has supported projects in Ukraine for some time and including Patriot Defence.

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Earlier, the course was completed by members of the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Border Guard Service and the Security Service thanks to the help of the government of Canada and the Canadian-Ukrainian foundation.