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In Bakhmut, doctors complete training in the international medical standards


According to the legend, a missile hit the school. In dark smoky classrooms, doctors look for wounded, immediately provide first aid, stabilize and evacuate them to the hospital. Screams and realistic makeup and scenery are designed to reproduce the most realistic conditions to teach doctors to cope with stress and act quickly and coherently.


This is how the Ukrainian Trauma Life Support (UTLS) course culminated for doctors from the front-line cities - Bakhmut, Toretsk, Konstyantynivka, Svatove, Severodonetsk, Chasiv Yar. Many of them have already been baptized by war. Young medical interns face the worst ahead. But all of them are united by one thing – they strive to save lives.


For six days they trained in advanced practices and algorithms for emergency care at the pre-hospital stage and in the first minutes of hospitalization. The program was delivered by senior Ukrainian doctors and surgeons as well as guest surgeons and medical professionals from the US and the UK.

The main idea of the course is to create a unified approach to respond to mass casualty incident. The approach is based on gradually providing medical care and identifying the most life endangered wounds. Therefore, in order to improve the qualification and skills needed to work with trauma, doctors participated in a series of daily seminars, workshops and simulations in real time.


A lot of time is devoted to team work where doctors learn to understand each other's functions and to determine the needs of the patient, regardless of specialization. Because injury does not allow any delay, it is necessary to act quickly and correctly.

Patriot Defence Medical Director and course instructor, Dr Oles Garashchuk, explains: "This course is designed directly for those doctors who are working with trauma in their hospitals' emergency rooms. We give them more rigorous, fine, softer algorithms of work with trauma; we give new approaches to work with trauma patients. The course emphasizes the role, that timely assistance and human factors can play, and focuses on effective communication between doctors."



Participants admit the lack of such training. Maxim Zmiyov, a participant in the course, commented: "Thanks for the fact that there are such people who show, explain, teach us the things that have long been practiced abroad, in the United States, in Europe it has long been accepted to work in that way. We have never had that, and I'm glad we learned it."

We are convinced that through such a realistic training we can improve the knowledge base, increase the productivity and quality of medical care in a high-risk situation.

As a result of the course, 19 doctors passed exams and received certificates. During two years of implementing the Ukrainian Trauma Life Support Program 124 military and 175 civilian doctors have already completed such training.