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Dmytro Poplavsky­y

During the Maidan, Dmytro was Head of the Rapid Response Unit of the "Red Cross". He and his team evacuated casualties during the darkest moments of the revolution. Dmytro believes that everyone shares the same blood. Since the beginning of the war in the East, Dmytro has been training the military in combat first aid. He even served as a volunteer on the front and was present in Volnovakha during the horrific events of January 13th, 2015 where he provided first aid to the wounded and evacuated victims. Before the war, Dmytro was an avid parachutist and worked for the Association of Parachutists.

Kostyantyn Korolov­

Earlier Kostya worked as a business trainer and took an interest to civilian medicine. After the Maidan, he understood that military medicine was non­existent in Ukraine; he began to study the subject matter, which then led him to “Patriot Defence”. He likes action­specific activity: “We are doing everything in our power and we are doing it well­­not wasting energy on useless things.” He is continuously developing his professional skills and trying to do what others are doing­­only better; “and God willing, this will save lives”.

Mykola Korobenkov­

Mykola lived in Crimea. On December 13th 2013, he took the train to Kyiv and on the morning of the 14th was already on the Maidan. To this very day, Mykola lives in the country’s capital. Mykola trained and worked with the “Red Cross”, using his skills during the horrific events on the Maidan. After the Revolution, he joined “Patriot Defence” and began training soldiers in tactical medicine: “Some people think that if they’re wounded, they’re automatically ill­fated, but after our course, their attitudes change; they see that they can survive an injury”.

Hlib Bityukov­

Medically trained and an athlete, Hlib worked for a medical response team and was engaged in yachting in Kyiv. More recently, he ran his own businesses­­a travel agency and a small online shop. In addition, Hlib is a director and photographer. "From the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, I spent a lot of time on the Maidan. I saw how they were shooting our guys­­ I believe that we are living thanks to them." When fighting began in the East, Hlib wanted to put his skills to good use. With a medical background, Hlib joined "Patriot Defence" to "transmit his knowledge and power to save the lives of those defending Ukraine." While working in the organization permanently upgrades his qualification. In August 2016 was EMT-B certified at the National EMS Institute in Boston, USA .

Stanislav Hayevsky­y

Stas studies Ecology at Kyiv­Mohyla Academy. He made the switch from architecture. For the longest time, Stas was a professional mountaineer and was the intendant at the rock climbing camps he helped organize. During the Maidan, he worked with the Rapid Response Unit of the Red Cross, and later began teaching tactical medicine as an instructor with “Patriot Defence”. In August 2016 was EMT-B certified at the National EMS Institute in Boston, USA.

Nazar Melnychuk
Pavlo Ivko

Pavlo did his studies in the Faculty of monumental painting at an Arts Academy. He worked for his family’s business; his father restores paintings and his brother, sculptures. After the events on the Maidan, Pavlo began to look for an organization that could give him pre­hospital medical knowledge. That’s when he met “Patriot Defence”. His first time instructing was in Desna, then in Dnipropetrovsk, followed by a multitude of other trainings including the Right Sector. He often trains returning active duty service members; “In many units, these men are coming back with serious injuries. Oftentimes, I’ve lifted up a soldier’s shirt during training and notice existing scars. And that’s the case for two thirds of these men.”

Oleg Kemin
Volodymyr Falchuk­

Volodymyr received his programming degree from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He then went to serve with the “AZOV” Regiment, taking part in operations under Mariinka and Illovaysk. Volodymyr joined “Patriot Defence” in November 2014, after looking for an organization that teaches the Combat Lifesaver (CLS) course. “We are teaching people how to save lives on the battlefield, and at the same time, helping win the war,” says Volodymyr. Apart from teaching tactical medicine, he is dedicated to improving both his combat and tactical skills. On the side, he enjoys karate and strike ball, and continues to be a programmer.

Maksym Hnatkov­

Maksym served in the “AZOV” special purposes battalion. In August 2014, while on rotation in Kyiv, he learned of “Patriot Defence”. In September, he returned from the war and took instructor­training courses and began teaching tactical medicine. His first training as an istructor was in Sumy. Before the war, Maksym worked as a lathe operator in Kryvyi Rih. “There are good people in “Patriot Defence”, I am comfortable around them. We are doing necessary work,” says Maksym.

Ihor Kholodylo
Leonid Fedorovsky­y

Leonid was professionally engaged in tourism before the Revolution. When the Maidan started, he left his personal business (tv/movie set design) and went to work for the Rapid Response unit of the Ukrainian Red Cross. Leonid has been with “Patriot Defence” since its inception. He believes it is the most effective project these days that is not only providing temporary relief, in the form of training, but is making a long­lasting impact in terms of implementing and further developing tactical medicine in Ukraine. Leonid acknowledges that “Patriot Defence” has a professional approach and works by standardized protocol: “If you are going to do something, then do something of value and do it properly. And make sure to give it your all.”

Denis Howson